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Remittance Systems

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ARC Truncation /Check 21

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The Remittance Processing Resource Guide is the most comprehensive list of its kind on the Web.  This site was developed with one purpose in mind... to provide a one-stop shop for all of your Remittance Processing needs.  You will find resources for all areas of Remittance Processing, ranging from new in-house processing systems to outsourcing providers to equipment brokers to suppliers of Remittance Processing consumables to disaster recovery planning.  What ever your needs we hope you'll find it here.  If you don't, e-mail us at IP Resources or call us at (906)370-2114. Tell us what you're looking for and we will be happy to assist you in your search.

If you are a provider of Remittance Processing Systems, Remittance Processing Services or Remittance Processing Supplies and are not listed in this guide, send us a note and we will tell you how you can be added you to the list. 

Consulting Services - With over 14 years of Item & Payment Processing Experience, we have the skill to assist with any project, and there is no charge for preliminary consultations. E-Mail us at IP Resources or give us a call at (906)370-2114.

Aqubanc, LLC is a leading reseller of Advanced Automated Payment, Check and Form Processing Solutions. Aqubanc was formed by James Cowen in 2003 together with the combined industry expertise and direct experience of other seasoned professionals. Aqubanc has set out to serve the operating needs for not-for-profit organizations, community banks and commercial entities.

Aqubanc pursues the highest mission possible: Bank on Accuracy. With everything we do, we have this in mind. Working on the robust FormStorm Enterprise technology platform, Aqubanc and CharacTell developed CheckStorm, the first product to fully embrace ARC and Check 21 processing with affordable form processing. CheckStorm's use of Digital Check, Fujitsu and TWAIN-based scanners continues to enable maximum performance and reliability for organizations making the transition to ARC and Check 21.

Aqubanc added the Check 21 Pass™ which no longer needs any OCR scan lines or barcodes on payment documents which makes valuable “real estate” available on coupons for development and marketing without impacting operations, cash management or item processing. In the Check 21 Pass, document recognition, data field capture and data excellence are performed after scanning is done which further adds the benefit to print multiple fonts in multiple sizes on different coupons, and, scan all these transactions together in a single Check 21 Pass. For more information, contact Aqubanc, LLC at 800.350.4720.

FMS Item Processing Services

FMS is a “Full Service” Item Processing Service Bureau, specializing in complete back-office operations with an emphasis on customizing our services to fit the clients needs.

FMS focuses on technology and features IMAGE CAPTURE as our only solution, allowing our clients access to their images with quick and easy CDRom retrieval and storage.

FMS also features Remittance Processing Services, allowing you and your customers an option in handling the lockbox services, keeping payments flowing for optimum reinvestment.

FMS Item Processing Services’ goal is to assist our clients in meeting the needs of their customers in the ever-changing technology environment.

Visit us at or call 213-637-9191

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