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Self Serve Mortgage Audit


 We will send you a packet (via e-mail or regular mail) containing all the information you will need to determine whether or not your lender is handling your loan properly.


Self Serve Audit Pricing


For $24.95 we will show you how to find out the current balance of your mortgage and to determine what the balance should be based on the payments you have made to your lender and any scheduled changes to your loan status (Adjustable rate changes, removal of mortgage insurance).   We will also show you how to calculate the total amount paid to your escrow account and determine if the balance carried by your lender is accurate.  This service comes with a free e-mail help desk.  



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IP Resources Mortgage Audit


IP Resources will work with you and your current lender to determine the “current” status of your loan.  We will also work with you to determine what the actual status of your loan should be.  Finally, we will compare the current and actual status of your loan and determine if you have a refund due    Any differences between the current and actual status of your loan will be documented in full detail to your lender and we will work with them to resolve the differences.


Mortgage Audit Pricing


Pre-Audit ($24.95) – Based on a few pieces of information you give us, we can calculate what the actual balance of your fixed rate loan should be.  You can contact your lender to make sure this amount matches your actual balance.


Full Audit ($69.95) – We will contact your lender on your behalf (you will provide us with written authorization to act as an agent on your behalf) and also gather certain information from you to determine the correct balance of you loan and compare it to your lender’s record to determine if they have processed your loan correctly.  If an error is found, we will document the  nature of the error and work with you and your lender to resolve the discrepancy and arrange for any refunds due.  If you purchase a pre audit and discovered a mistake, the $24.95 you spent can be applied toward this audit. 



Escrow Analysis ($59.95) – We   will work with you and your lender to determine if the current balance in your escrow account is the correct one.  We will identify the total amount you have paid to your escrow account and determine what bills should have been paid to identify what the actual balance should be.